The best friend.
Manage your Inbox from the menu bar.

Compose messages

You can compose new messages, reply to emails or forward them from within MailBar in your menu bar.


You can easily filter the list of your emails by mailboxes and/or unread status.


With MailBar you can use any of the configured smartboxes and setup on MailBar not only Inbox mailboxes but also Sent messages, Junk, Archive, Trash, etc.


With MailBar you can preview all image attachments, download and/or open attached files with other formats.


MailBar automatically integrates all your signatures from your accounts, which are configured in your


MailBar has an option of configuring the shortcuts for the faster access to your emails.

Colored flags

MailBar has full support of colored flags. You can easily mark your important messages into one of seven colors.

Calendar events

You can see connected to the message calendar events on MailBar single message view.

Group operations

With MailBar you can easily mark as read and/or junk full conversations.


You can easily configure unique sounds for every mailbox inside MailBar.

Retina support

MailBar has full support of retina displays.

"MailBar is a lightweight, user-friendly and unobtrusive utility that makes it easy for you to check and manage your emails with just a couple of mouse clicks"

- George Popescu, Softpedia, July 8th, 2014